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Yoga for Everyone

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Yoga for Everyone
Yoga for Everyone

10 Yoga Poses You Should Know

The basis of yoga is the body. These are great ideas to learn as you approach your yoga practice.


These 10 poses are a true yoga practice. After a difficult pose, pause, especially if you can’t breathe, and start again when your breathing returns to normal.


Child’s Pose

This exciting pose is a great stop. You can use Baby’s Pose to relax and refocus before moving on to the next position.

Do this: When you need a gentle stretch for your cervical spine and hips.

Also, do not use if you have high blood pressure or are pregnant. Update

: You can rest your head on cushions or blocks. If your ankle is uncomfortable, you can put a towel under your ankle.

Note: As you breathe, focus on relaxing the muscles of your spine and lower back.

Child’s Pose

This should be your go-to pose when you need to relax during your yoga practice.

Make Yoga for Everyone


Downward Dog The

Downward Dog stretches the hamstrings, calves and arches while strengthening the arms, shoulders and back.


Do this: Help back pain.


Modification: You can rest your elbow on the ground, which takes the weight of your wrist. You can use the pillows under your arms, this may be easier.

Note: Remember to distribute the weight evenly between both hands and lift the hips and back away from the shoulders.



Downward Dog


try! Yoga for Everyone

Plank Pose The

Yoga for Everyone


Do this: If you want to work your abs and increase your body strength, the chair is a good choice.

Skip: Avoid plank position if you have carpal tunnel syndrome. This can strain your wrist.

You can skip or replace it if you have back pain.

Modification: Modification by putting the knees on the ground.

Note: When you grill, consider the back of your neck and your spine.







Cane Pose

This flexible pose follows the plank position in a type of yoga sequence called the Sun Salutation. This is a great tutorial for learning whether you want to learn more poses like arm balance or handstands.


Do this: Like plank, this pose strengthens the arms and wrists and works the abs.


Note: While holding this position, press your hands parallel to the floor and lift your shoulders off the ground.



Four Limbs Staff

Supports arms, shoulders, wrists and back and helps support abdominal muscles.



Cobra Pose

This backbend pose helps strengthen the back muscles, activates the spine, and stretches the chest, shoulders, and abdominal muscles.


Do this: This post is great for supporting your back.

Skip it: If you have arthritis in your spine or neck, lower back or carpal tunnel syndrome. Edit

: Lift just a few inches, don’t try to straighten the arm.

Note: While holding this position, try to keep your belly button above the ground.




Simple backbend poses.



Tree Pose

In addition to improving your balance, it also strengthens your core, ankles, hips, thighs, and spine.


Do this: Great for working on your balance and body.

Skip: If you have high blood pressure or any other condition that affects your balance, you may want to skip this topic. Edit


Note: Focus on your breathing while holding this pose.

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